Chokoe: Fringe players know the deal

The game on Sunday will kick off at 15h00.

"Ja, look the most important thing I think you know is for the team to qualify because since its inception it has never participated in the Nedbank Cup," Chokoe tells

"So it will be good for the team to qualify and also be good for the young players. It also gives them anopportunity to shine and be part of the Nedbank Cup and play against the Premiership teams.

"And ja, as for me I think I have done my part and I'm hoping that I will use my experience to try and get the team to qualify, as it's not going to be an easy match. We know every team that participates want to make it into the last-32, so it's not going to be easy, especially because we are playing Ubuntu. Last season they had a good run in the cup. So they know what it means to be part of the cup.

"A good thing at least we are playing at home. I think this time around we should be able to win the match and make the supporters happy. Look, it's an opportunity for players that we don't normally use in the league matches, so that they also get game time,and so that when we have problems in the league with other players then they can fit in very well.

"So ja, we will be using most of the fringe players but they understand the importance of wanting to win this match and advance into the next stage of the competition. Because, as I have said, it's only going to be good for the team to be part of this kind of tournament."