De Sa demands Ajax maturity

Nedbank Cup

Steam was blowing out his ears after Ajax let slip a second half lead at home against Chippa United after a sloppy back pass from Riyad Norodien allowed the visitors to equalise.

“I was disappointed with the way we conceded the goal. It was a silly error and a charitable sort of goal. The chances we missed were also disappointing. We had one or two very good chances to seal the game off and we didn’t.”

De Sa had given instructions to his players not to play the ball back but Norodien attempted a pass back on the edge of the box and was disposed to allow Rhulani Manzini to equalise.

“We spoke about it … and then we go and pass the ball straight to them. We can keep saying that we learning but there has to be a time when you grow up. Maybe I’ll try and talk a different language and they’ll understand.

“First thing I’ve got to do is maybe not play (them). How much more can you ask? Maybe I must play the ones that listen. Let’s see if they learn from that. You try everything … you teach, you show videos, magnet boards, whatever. Let’s see if we get better. Seven times (this season) we’ve given away goals that are just charity goals and that’s disappointing. We’ve got to step up.”

De Sa was also critical of striker Prince Nxumalo despite him scoring his 11th league goal of the season with a superb finish against Chippa.

“Our misses in front of goal are also a problem. Prince Nxumalo might be getting a lot of praise right now but the question you’ve got to ask him is ‘how many did you miss?’ He’ll tell you he scored one. But you’ve got to ask how many did he miss? I think that’s more important. And if you want to be a top, top striker you’ve got to put away a higher percentage of the chances you get. But he knows that … he’s working at it, he’s a work in progress. And you’ve got to work with him. But he’s been good, he’s been good,” added De Sa.