Baxter, De Sa blast Bennett


The two teams played to a 1-1 draw at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, with Ezimnyama Ngenkani reaching the Final 2-1 on aggregate.

However, not everyone was happy with Bennett’s performance – and decision to award the Buccaneers a penalty for Morgan Gould’s tug on Rooi Mahamutsa – and Baxter was seething after the match.

“I think the officials could have done better. Maybe Roger should be saying that [because he won]. Since it is me, people would think it is sour grapes because we lost,” the Englishman says.

“I will look the DVD to analyse my players and I hope the officials do the same [to analyse their own performance] ... I think consistency is important. Some tackles were punished and some were not punished. What I'm saying is we don't know the rules at the finish. When it gets sloppy as it was today, then it makes it difficult.”

De Sa takes over: “I agree with Stuart. Consistency [from the refs] is always our main concern as coaches and players. I’d ask you this question: with the penalty, if he brought him down wasn’t that a yellow card? You can give a penalty, but surely for a foul that resulted in the penalty it should be a yellow card?

“It happens all the time and it is the inconsistency that we are worried about. We've got a great League, a great product, and we must put a little more effort in officiating. It is needed.

“You guys [the media] sit here and scrutinise us and the players, but they [referee] are untouchable.”

Baxter was not finished though, adding: There were a lot of people in Europe and South America watching the game today and we can’t keep embarrassing ourselves.”

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