RDS: We were the better team


With the scores tied at 1-1 after 120 minutes, Dikwena lifted their first ever Top Eight cup with a 3-1 penalty shootout victory.

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De Sa concedes the shootout was ‘a bit of a raffle’, but insists the Buccaneers dominated the match.

“Obviously we’re very disappointed,” he said after the match. “We controlled the game throughout and had a lot of chances, but conditions didn’t really help us … didn’t help both sides really. It made [the game] a scrappy affair.

“We keep trying to get better every day at training, but you get those days where the ball doesn’t want to go into the back of the net. They got the one from a set-piece and after that they sat back.

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“I thought over the 90 minutes and extra-time we were definitely the better side; there’s no doubt about it. When I see the stats I’m sure we had more possession, more shots and so on, but what matters on the day is the ball in the back of the net.

“They played for penalties and they got it, and they beat us. Well done to them.”