Mosimane: Stop calling us overpaid under-achievers

Mamelodi Sundowns

Mosimane hit out at journalists, saying they should not criticise the way he manages the team but focus on the football.

“We have pressure. It’s a stress. People are complaining, you’re writing stories saying ‘trophy-less Sundowns, expensively assembled Sundowns’.

“When we lose you say ‘overpaid, underachieving, expensive Sundowns’.

“Can’t you get bored with that? People have heard about that. Why don’t criticise that we are not doing well, or that we are not finishing?”

Sundowns have signed a number of big names over the past few years with no tangible success, but ‘Jingles’ says it is usual for “big teams” to operate in that way.

“When are you going to get used to it, that Sundowns is a big team? We are a big team like Pirates and Chiefs,” he says.