Marlin comments on Ajax CT future

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Ajax Cape Town head coach Calvin Marlin admits he will likely have to start looking for a new job after Ajax Amsterdam pulled out of the club.

The Urban Warriors released a statement on Monday confirming that shareholders Cape Town Stars, headed by Ari Efstathiou, have bought Amsterdam's 51 percent stake and now own 100 percent of the NFD franchise.

But there remains uncertainty for all staff and players following their failure to win promotion to the DStv Premiership.

Asked about his future at the club, Marlin admits he has no idea what is going to happen with him as there are currently many issues that need to be sorted out by the management before anything can be decided.

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"Well I'm sitting in PE, I'm visiting my parents, so I mean as far as I know there's nothing new happening with me. So it doesn't look positive for me to stay," Marlin tells

"I haven't heard anything from the boss otherwise, but ja, I think I'll be looking for a new job."

Asked if by that he meant he has parted ways with the club, he says: "Not officially, but ja I'll take it like that. Not everything is positive.

"When I met with him on Friday [Efstathiou] he was still deciding on things. And now that I see that Ajax is definitely gone, I don't know what is his plan, if he's going to keep the club or what he wants to do.

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"I know they are having a meeting today, maybe I'll find out later today what he says, or you guys might find out before me."

Selling the NFD franchise and buying a PSL status could be another option for Efstathiou, while there have also been calls and rumours that Cape Town Spurs could be brought back.

"Well that's a thing, I don't know, I mean anything is possible now," Marlin admits.

"We are reading about the Ajax deal going, and I also read in the paper about selling the club. So he didn't want to answer any of those questions with me. I think that's what he needs to decide, what's going to happen with the club."

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Marlin says Amsterdam are still not happy with the way The Urban Warriors parted ways with Hans Vonk and former head coach Andries Ulderink.

"When I was asking him, ja, they were still talking about it," he adds.

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