There is a big problem at Chiefs


A retired footballer says the whispers of tension and differences coming out from Kaizer Chiefs have continued to pile up the evidence of friction between head coach Stuart Baxter and his assistant Arthur Zwane.

Zwane – who is a club legend and influential around players – has cut an isolated figure on the bench in recent times giving weight to that his input is not valued.

Some reports have also suggested that Pitso Mosimane has already taken notice and is tapping him up to join him as an assistant at Al Ahly.

"It is always a struggle to be an assistant to a European who doesn’t value your input as a local black guy who obviously earns less than him. Some of the coaches will not even include you in their planning for a training session and you feel like an outsider," points out former PSL defender Mano-Mano.

"You are an assistant who has no say because the head coach doesn’t even consult you. You are just there to be a ball boy. 

"It is a struggle for us black guys. The colour of the skin counts as well in coaching. It is a tricky and difficult space to operate in which is why some guys are frustrated by the system.

"This is a war and that is why some of the local assistant coaches end up wanting the team to lose so that the head coach is fired in the hope that the next one listens to them and gives them respect or that the head coach’s job gets to be given to them.

"Fact is that as a local guy you know the culture and how the players behave and have the interests of the club at heart, so you want to be valued. The European can be gone tomorrow and he won’t care what happens afterward. 

"With Arthur, I feel he cares for the future of the club and wishes that the team plays in a certain way with a lot more younger players used. Coaching is not about having papers and being from Europe but understanding the environment where you are coaching like what happened with Clive Barker.

"I think Arthur feels like a distant assistant even though he has the power of having some players listening more to him which creates a problem. A team won’t do good when there are two people giving instructions. It is instances like that you find the local guy speaking in his own language to the players and telling them that if I take over then this will not be happening.

"In the end, the team is divided, and when it is like that there is trouble. Chiefs have a big problem now because after Baxter is gone having been using old players they will have to start rebuilding again," details Mano-Mano.

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