Man builds his own FNB Stadium

Fame & Fortune

Mulalo 'Nego' Negondeni from Muluka Village just outside Thohoyandou has built an entire scaled model of FNB Stadium in his own backyard.

The mini stadium in Nego City, as the Civil Engineering student calls it, is surrounded by shopping centres, a shopping mall, residential flats and highways.

Speaking to, the 24-year-old says all this was inspired by the 2010 FIFA World Cup and he started building his models with mud before turning to cement.

"Ja that's a best mini city in the country and there's only two places where you find FNB Stadium, Nego City and Johannesburg," Mulalo says.

"What inspired me to build Nego City, it was all about the 2010 FIFA World Cup. My dream was to attend one of the matches, especially the match that would be played at FNB. Just to be inside the stadium.

"I started building it in 2008, it's just unfortunately that I was using mud at the time. It was 2016 when I started using a cement. When I started in 2008, I had no engineering skills. I had no smartphone to go through the construction videos of FNB Stadium.

"I'm working now, I'm working at Centurion Ovall Corporate Designs, it's an architectural company. But the stadium is in Venda in my parents' home. I built the stadium by only looking at it on TV.

"When it's Soweto Derby I know that SuperSport 4 is going to show the outside of the stadium. So that is my perfect time to look at the stadium and change whatever is not right. The Limpopo Tourism started to advertise the stadium in January actually."

Mulalo says his dream is to build the 2010 FIFA World Cup memorial park: "I want to bring back the World Cup in the form of art."