Emotional Shakes remains defiant


The teams played out to a goalless draw, all but ending South Africa’s chances of appearing at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Gabon.

Mashaba, whose contract expires in 2018, was visibily irritated when quizzed by journalists after the match. 

“If I were to come at Ukhozi FM [SABC vernacular radio station in KZN] or a man broadcasting and say ‘you are doing wrong things’, will you like it? You won’t … you won’t. 

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“If I go and say to you ‘is your job secure after this’ it’s not a good thing. I’m a human being and I’ve got blood, I’ve got a family, I’ve got kids ... imagine if they listen to the nonsense like that.

“Ukuthi umkhulu wami [that my grand father] what are they saying, hashtag Shakes Must Fall, and my grandkids read about those things and they will say ‘what is wrong with our grandfather here.

“And I know tomorrow is Wednesday there will be big English spoken somewhere. And what annoys me is people don’t come to press conferences, but you hear clips played in stations and people formulate questions out of those things.

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“Come sit here even if you are a decorator, but you ask questions and that is very good thing. Don’t listen to people who give you clips ... come ask your question yourself.”

When pressed by a SABC journalist on whether he would resign, Mashaba responded: “That is the silly question. I would never do that to the SABC and ask about your contract and your job security. I respect that. I respect that.”