Danny: SA must not accept mediocrity


The conference is being held at Moses Mabhida Stadium, and brings together some of the leading decision makers in African football together with businesses from across the continent and the world.

Jordaan, who was elected Safa president on Sunday, has reiterated his belief that South Africa is not a footballing nation.

He says South Africa’s World Cup record compares badly to other host nations, and insists the country must “stop accepting mediocrity”.

“We are not a footballing nation. We are pretending that we are but the fact of the matter is, we are not,” Jordaan says.

“In 1994, the USA hosted the Fifa World Cup and they have participated ever since. In 1999, their women’s national team won their first World Cup and they have already qualified for the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil.

“In 1998, France hosted it. They weren’t there in 1994 because of the demise of their football and other reasons, but ever since they won it in 1998 they have participated. They learnt their lesson of not being there in the US.

“In 2002 in Korea/Japan. They went to the semi-final without winning a match and they have participated ever since – and they have qualified for Brazil next year. 

“The same applies to Germany who, while they hosted it in 2006, went away with bronze in their backyard. They also won bronze in South Africa 2010, at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium against Uruguay, and they were in the Final of the 2002 tournament, where they lost 2-0 to Brazil.

“And now the question is ... what about us as South Africans?

“We hosted it in 2010 but we are not going to Brazil after failing to make the World Cup play-offs – and it reminds me of what happened in 1986, when Mexico hosted it but never went to Germany in 1990.

“We still say that we are footballing nation and I think that is a huge fallacy. We are making an assumption about ourselves and I hope from today, with this forum, we will see good signs and a way forward.

“We can’t stand and accept mediocrity.”

Robin Duke