ODG to maintain Bafana core


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Bafana are currently in East London, wrapping up preparations for their friendly clash against the Sable Antelopes at a sold-out Buffalo City Stadium tomorrow evening (19h00).

Having come from a 3-1 win over 80th-ranked Guinea-Bissau in Durban on the weekend, a lot is expected from the da Gama and his troops against a 147th-ranked Angola outfit.

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Despite their opponents' low status, ODG says though he plans to give everybody a run, he will not be drawn into putting out a completely new team.

"The whole idea [of the two friendlies] is to give everybody a run, an opportunity to play, without really coming up with something totally new," said da Gama.

"There's got to be some foundtion within the team to keep the the team structured. We can't just come [and scrap everything].

"That's why you could see [against Guinea-Bissau] there was a mixture of the old team with some new players, so it will again be the old team with some new players as well, so that there's at least a bit of structure."

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The national under-23 team coach, who has taken over the hotseat on a temporary basis since a friendly against Mozambique in November last year, says he has learnt his lesson in making too many changes and dismantling the existing stucture.

"I learnt this when we played against Mozambique [in November last year], we put in 11 players that have never played together and the first half was a shambles, they couldn't even string one pass together," he added.

"We need some structure within the team and give the newer players at least a chance to play with those who have built a bit of an understanding."