Mothibantwa praises his homeboy


The young Ajax Cape Town defender will line up alongside Erick Mathoho for the 2015 African Nations Cup qualifier, replacing the injured Anele Ngcongca.

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Like Coetzee, Mothibantwa also hails from the Northern Cape and he has praised the 17-year-old for defying the odds and making it all the way to the top.

“I am very proud of the boy. He is the only player now representing our disadvantaged province in the Northern Cape,” Mothibantwa tells

"Some people, if they would visit our area, would not give this boy a chance. But please give the boy a chance; he is one for the future … a good future prospect.

“Myself and Ruben Cloete are proud that we laid the foundations and now the young boys must start seeing impossible is nothing, no matter where or how bad your bad situation is. God is there and he will make a way.

“I am really proud of Rivaldo … there are more boys who are better than him, but gave up football and resorted to alcohol. However, Rivaldo stood up and continued to chase his dream in football.”

Mothibantwa says he has already had a heart to heart talk with the Ajax Cape Town defender.

"I know him and I have told him that to remain level-headed. You are not only playing for yourself, but also for your family name and your province.”