Jordaan: We are not a football nation


Jordaan, who replaces outgoing president Kirsten Nematandani, beat Mandla ‘Shoes’ Mazibuko to the top spot yesterday, with 162 votes to 88 from the 52 regions.

He says the new Safa executive has big plans for South African football.

Jordaan says his focus will be on development, especially with regards to coaching.

“This is a Safa election, not an election of one group or another. All the executive members are elected, so all those people are not in football by chance. They have earned their place. The Safa executive will serve South African football,” he says.

“We have almost 2000 players per coach. Let’s look at education – you have 2000 kids in the classroom and the teacher has the lowest qualification, then you expect the students to be the best. It doesn’t work like that.”

Jordaan adds that he believes South Africa does not play enough soccer, as a nation, and that needs to change.

“The challenge for all of us is the development and reconstruction of South African football. Many say we are a football nation but I say we are not,” he says.

“Germany is playing 80,000 junior matches over a weekend. Spain is playing 30,000. France is playing 40,000. If you find 3,000 matches in South Africa you’re doing well. So that’s the problem. We have to get the junior leagues going.”