'Meyiwa gun campaign needs amnesty'


Kirsten was speaking at a press conference arranged by SAFA to announce a march to parliament to campaign for the stricter control of illegal firearms in the country.

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"Senzo's death has given a face to gun crime in South Africa," Kirsten said.

"This is our third firearm amnesty. We know how to do that. [But] this time we need to do it slightly differently. We need to do it with no questions asked – no ID, no fingerprints. That is the only way.

"The gun needs to be destroyed at the point where it is handed in, so that it cannot go out again. We need to understand where the guns are coming from. What is the extent of loss or theft from the state?

SAFA president Danny Jordaan added: "Madiba said take your guns and throw them into the sea. Those cannot be in defence of the country.

"We want to melt the guns down and use them to shape into a statue for Senzo Meyiwa. The statue [to be erected in his honour] is a symbol of a young man in his prime lost. We have lost too many young South Africans to the gun.

"Hopefully it will inspire our South Africans in this young democracy of ours. The message we want to send is that this instrument that was used to destroy Senzo Meyiwa's life will be used to honour him. The country will see day by day how those guns are being melted and used.

"Why Senzo? All our other captains can still be met in the streets – from Komphela, Tovey, Radebe, McCarthy, Bartlett and Mokoena – Senzo is the only one you cannot. Senzo Meyiwa is the only captain you can't speak to today."