Latest Nike, adidas, and PUMA boots

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Choosing between Nike and adidas boots has never really been a straightforward decision, and now with PUMA in the picture, the competition between these brands has been so relentless.

The three major sportswear brands have made significant strides over the past few years, as they have started incorporating innovative technology into the manufacturing of their kits and boots. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the newest PUMA, adidas and Nike boots ahead of the upcoming season. 

Long gone are the days where soccer boots were annoyingly heavy, where they affected a player’s speed, agility, and control. Today, football footwear is lighter than it's ever been before, while the fit is more comfortable and it can be specific to women and men’s feet. 

It is obvious that this trio of brands uses rigorous marketing and public relations tactics, but with all of them having launched their newest boot range just recently, we will let you decide which one tickles your fancy. 

PUMA Ultra and FUTURE Z 

PUMA dropped the Ultra 1.3 and the FUTURE Z boots, which are quite similar in design but with varying colourways. The coolest bit about these new releases is that PUMA adopted this unisex approach to their design and manufacturing process, and a special focus was paid to enabling acceleration by making the gear as light and flexible as possible. 

Next-Gen adidas X Speedflow 

Public relations aside, the Speedflow is an absolute beauty, and as far as we can tell, this range has only two colourways: red and black. 

The X Speedflow+ FG has no laces and has a Primeknit skin that adds comfort and slightly more control for the player to be able to strike the ball cleanly with precise impact and accuracy.  

Nike Phantom GT2 

Nike’s newest design is a marvel to look at. The eye-catching aesthetic is a fresh take on the usual one or two-coloured boot, as this make has at least four dominant colours. 

The appearance alone is vibrant, and its vividly rich hues represent the modern footballer very well because happy and warm colours tend to represent confidence and passion - something we see a lot of in the modern game. 

Your thoughts, please?   

Which of the three above mentioned boots is your favourite? 

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