Tevez: My trick for CR7 always failed


Former Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez has revealed a trick he attempted with Cristiano Ronaldo that failed dismally on numerous occasions during their time at Old Trafford.

Tevez, 35, spent two seasons at the Premier League giants, forming a formidable attacking trio with Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

With Ronaldo being lauded as the most committed professional to his craft throughout his illustrious career, Tevez admits he tried to 'trick' him - as he was notably the first player to arrive at all times.

"If we trained at nine in the morning, he was already there when you arrived at eight," Tevez revealed, as per Marca.

"If you arrived at seven-thirty, he would already be there. I said, 'how can you trick this guy?'

"One day, I arrived at six in the morning to do it and he was already there. Half asleep but he was there."

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Tevez went on to add that the five-time Ballon d'Or winner wouldn't stop at his relentless efforts at training.

"What I noticed about him, and that surely all the women see, is that he spends all day in the gym. It's an obsession that he has."