Lunch time with KICK OFF

Fame & Fortune

PUTTING together a magazine of KICK OFF’s standard takes a lot of time and effort. The processes that go into producing a magazine that appeals to football readers and covers the wide football spectrum often requires long hours spent in front of computer screens and layouts, as we carefully craft each page.

Time is often against us, particularly during the final week before the magazine goes to print. The news is always moving at break-neck speed. It’s often tough to catch your breath or even a break. It’s during this time when stress levels and anxiety increases. Burnout and fatigue are real. The importance of a temporary time-out away from the deadline storm is critical to ensuring sustained levels of concentration and productively. We find it hugely beneficial to step away from our desks, clear our minds and get some fresh air during lunchtime.

A proper lunch break can do wonders, especially when it’s as good as a KFC Lunch Box, which has everything you love in one box: a Crunch Burger, four Zinger Wings, small chips and a drink, all for an affordable R49.90. It’s a convenient all-in-one meal that clears the time wasted deciding what to have to eat, which means more time to actually enjoy your lunch.

Taking a stand for lunch with the KFC Lunch Box ensures we come back refreshed, with enough fuel in the tank to keep the machine going as we work towards delivering another stellar magazine for you to feast your eyes on.