Mourinho not the problem - Zlatan

English Premier League

Ibrahimovic, 37, left United in March this year for a switch to LA Galaxy after a serious knee injury curtailed his career in England.

However, the towering Swede's 21 goals in 25 games in the MLS has seen AC Milan and Red Devils enquire over his availability on a short-term loan deal, according to the Daily Mirror.

However, when asked in an interview over the future of Mourinho at the Red Devils, the Sweden record-goalscorer was frank in his assessment of the current struggles at the Theatre of Dreams.

"I think he [Mourinho] has the ability to win [the Premier League]," he told The Mirror. "I think he is the right coach for that club, for that team.

"But a coach is only as good as his team, so it’s not like he can do miracles if the team is not good enough. And I feel the team is good - it’s progressing, becoming better.

"This is his third year, the players know more and more the way he wants to play and how he wants it - so I believe, yes.

"Why is Mourinho so special? First of all because he’s a winner - he has this winner mentality. He does everything to win," Ibrahimovic added.

"He knows the game. He reads the game well. He manipulates, not the game, but the minds of his own players.

"I remember when he came first time in Inter, he made everybody give 200 per cent - but not for the team, not for the club, for him.

"And that for me makes him very special, because when he came out on the big stage he was something different.

"He was not that classical coach. I remember I had [Fabio] Capello. Capello was hard, was discipline, was respect.

"Mourinho brought that but at the same time brought something else: character.

"He had different character, this way of expressing himself."