EPL stars avoid COVID-19 vaccine

English Premier League

Premier League clubs are becoming increasingly concerned as they struggle to get some of their stars to accept the COVID-19 vaccine amid fears about conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates, infertility, and more. 

As England continues to administer thousands of COVID-19 vaccinations daily, getting the injection or having a negative test result in the previous 48 hours has become a prerequisite to attend a top-flight match in the country, but it appears that some of the footballers themselves are refusing to accept the vaccine.

In fact, according to Sportsmail, almost two-thirds of the Premier League's players are yet to be vaccinated, with many said to be refusing the opportunity to do so.  

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Only seven of the 20 top-flight clubs have fully vaccinated more than half of their squads, while at least three teams have yet to get even 10 individuals jabbed. 

This could be a huge stumbling block for the league with prime minister Boris Johnson believed to be considering the possibility of mandatory vaccine certification for all large venues, which could ultimately lead to a large number of players being banned from stadiums. 

It is further claimed that some club officials are unhappy about conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates, infertility and the power of vitamins, among others, that are "polluting" the minds of players.  

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"It's very frustrating and hard to know what to do, as the conspiracy theories have really taken hold in some dressing rooms," an unnamed club doctor told Sportsmail.

"We've got senior players, intelligent men, coming out with all sorts of nonsense and they won't be budged.

"One of them told me he didn't need the vaccine because he could boost his immunity by taking vitamins. 

"Some of the stuff they're reading – and believing – on the internet is incredible.  

"Players are saying that it will make them infertile, that it's part of a plot involving Bill Gates, the pandemic is just propaganda.

"The real problem is that they're also polluting the minds of younger players." 

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