'Mourinho exit won't improve Pogba'

English Premier League

In the latest bust-up between Pogba and Mourinho there have been suggestions that one needs to leave in order to restore harmony within the United dressing room.

Despite reports claiming the pair have cleared up their grievances from yesterday's training ground debacle - it seems inevitable that the two personalities will clash.

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However, former Liverpool captain and Premier League expert Jamie Carragher feels Mourinho should be the one that remains at the 20-time league champions.

"There's an idea that there's one or the other. So if Mourinho goes, you'll see a new Paul Pogba. You won't, I can assure Man Utd fans, you won't," Carragher told Sky Sports.

"Nobody plays for two years and all of a sudden there's a change of manager and you're a new player. We've see what Paul Pogba is as a player.

"He's not as good as he thinks he is. He's got talent, but his big problem is his understanding of the game. It's been a problem since he came, and it hasn't changed now.

"You can sum Paul Pogba's Man Utd career up in the last two games. He scored a great goal against Young Boys, showing his quality.

"But then gets robbed of the ball on the halfway line, falls over, doesn't break his neck to get back against Wolves and there's an equalising goal. That sums him up," the former England star added.

"I do think there is talent there, but talk of Barcelona? I can't think of a more ill-fitting player for Barcelona. Barcelona are all about discipline, staying in position, playing for the team.

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"Pogba is such a top player, people talk about his position and being given freedom; what is freedom? People keep saying he needs to be let off the leash, but what is freedom?

"Is freedom doing a stupid Cruyff turn on the halfway line and losing the ball and Wolves going up the other end and scoring?

"Being a captain and playing central midfield for Manchester United, like Roy Keane, like Paul Scholes, like the other great midfielders, is about playing for the team.

And that's why Mourinho has taken the captaincy off him because he doesn't feel he plays for the team."

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Carragher went on to admit that the France international is one of the most talented players in Europe but his displays amidst the unwavering support of the Red Devils need to be considered.

"I still think he's good enough to be in Manchester United's team, but is he disciplined enough to do what Mourinho wants? I don't think he is.

"People talk about Matic coming in, Fred coming in to help Pogba. Help yourself! I'm sick of excuses for big players and managers 'not getting the best' out of you.

"Don't be expecting a different player if Jose Mourinho leaves Manchester United. You won't get it."