Valencia makes Mourinho apology

English Premier League

An image of Valencia surfaced on social media of the United captain 'liking' an Instagram post claiming 'it's time for Mourinho to go.'

Mourinho has come under increasing pressure following a four-game winless run after the 0-0 draw with LaLiga club Valencia at Old Trafford in the Champions League - prior to which club legend Paul Scholes had said that he was 'embarrassing the club'.

Fuel was poured on the fire by the 33-year-old, who liked an Instagram post criticising the manager after the draw.

However, the United skipper has taken to Twitter to clarify his actions.

"Yesterday, I liked a post on Instagram without reading the text that accompanied the picture," he wrote on his official account.

"These are not my views and I apologise for this. I am fully supportive of the manager and my teammates.

"We are all giving our everything to improve the results."