Klopp hits back at Pep's Mane dig

English Premier League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hit back at Pep Guardiola after his controversial comments about Sadio Mane, ahead of their top-of-the-table Premier League clash.

This past weekend, Mane was accused of being a diver by the Manchester City boss after the Reds secured yet another last-minute victory in the league, in a 2-1 win over Aston Villa.

"Sometimes he is diving, sometimes he has this talent to score incredible goals in the last minute. He's a talent," Guardiola told BBC Sport.

The African superstar who scored the stoppage-time winner against Villa has since been defended by Klopp - who couldn't resist having a dig of his own against his managerial rival.

City have been accused of tactically fouling players to gain an unfair advantage by the likes of Manuel Pellegrini and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in recent months - which Klopp touched on once again.

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"I am not sure if Pep spoke in that moment about Sadio or the team – both is not too nice, to be honest,” Klopp said, as per The Echo.

"Somebody showed it to me because I had to see it as everybody told me about it…I couldn’t really believe it to be honest. Then I saw it.

"I am not too sure if I want to put oil on the fire. I am not interested in these kinds of things. And I promise not to mention tactical fouls.

"That is maybe already too much, but that is the only thing I say about it!"

Both the Reds and City are in action for the UEFA Champions League this week before Sunday's mouthwatering clash at Anfield at 18:30 (GMT+2).