No police probe into Utd-City scuffle

English Premier League

A fiery encounter at Old Trafford saw Manchester City clinch a vital 3-1 win over bitter rivals Manchester United to open up an 11-point lead in the Premier League title race.

Tempers continued flaring after the match as United boss Jose Mourinho was reportedly thrown with milk after taking offence to the Citizens’ exuberant celebrations close to changing room.

Meanwhile, in a more serious incident, City assistant coach Mikel Arteta was said to have sustained a cut to his forehead during the fracas, leading to suggestions a case of assault could be made.

The Football Association have already confirmed they will investigate the situation and have given United and City until Wednesday evening to respond.

However, local police are believed to have already written off any claims of assault, with officers having been present in the tunnel on Sunday and having adjudged the situation to not be serious.