Jele: We need to adjust mentally

Having been in Congo in 2013 during their CAF Champions League group stage match, Jele is fully aware of the hostile conditions they are going to receive this weekend.

“It is a very difficult place where we are going to play,” Jele told reporters during the 2015 SAB League launch at Newtown in Johannesburg.

“We will land in Congo and we will travel four hours to our hotel. So it's going to be tough for the team and it will be tiring for the players.

“But we know the situation. We've been there and we know how they are going to treat us. Mentally we are prepared very well and we will go there and fight.”

Jele knows it will not be easy on his side’s travels on the continent, yet knows they need to be prepared to sacrifice under the circumstances.

“It is going to be difficult,” he said. “Sometimes you go to a place where they will treat you well and you will go to a place where they will not treat you well.

“So it is very difficult and you need to be prepared when you are going outside the country because it is not your country.

“If they say you need to go this way and take six hours to go to the hotel, you need to do that. So it is better you adjust yourselves mentally and that's what we are doing as players.”