Nike Fire & Ice boot guide: Greatest Free-kick ever!

Having been taken to a drill focused on finesse shooting, assistance, ball control, passing assistance and free kick shooting at the Nike Training Centre, I can safely say that the Hypervenom DF is incredibly out of this world.

I struggled to adjust at the beginning of the session and actually being poor throughout my amateur career, I realised that it's actually easy for the professional players.

The boot is very stable on your foot and it reacts nicely to whatever you want to do with the ball whether is ball control, first touch, and shooting. It's incredibly light and you feel more comfortable. The design is also unique.

The laces run between small loops on the upper, which gives the player full control, especially when you take a free-kick.

In one session during the drills where we were required to maneuver through cones before ultimately shooting to score, you had a teammate wait for you inside the box, who just needed to deflect the ball for you to score.

I laid one of the best touches for Kaizer Chiefs midfielder George Maluleka, who finessed the ball into the back of the net. 

The control was out of this world and even though I struggled in the beginning, I saw that it fits perfect for professionals.

I realised that with this boot, professional players can score many goals. You need to have a perfect touch and perfect shot to score goals.

Without a doubt, this is a really dangerous weapon for attacking players.

KICK OFF brings you the Nike Fire & Ice Boot Guide. For the exciting new Nike range launched in November 2017, Kick Off journalists paired with Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana athletes, striker Bernard Parker and attacking midfielder George Maluleka, to put the Nike Fire & Ice range through its paces. Parker led #TeamFire and Maluleka led #TeamIce to see whether power (#TeamFire) or composure (#TeamIce) would win the day. Which team are you on? 

The Challenges: 

Fire Challenge:

Both sets of teams were put through a test of speed and power finishing. After sprinting around half-a-dozen cones, players laid the ball off to a teammate for a quick one-two and had to score with a powerful first-time shot past the goalkeeper from within the box. The team with the most goals won the challenge.

See video below:

Ice Challenge: 

Both sets of teams went through a test of ball control and finesse shooting. After controlling the ball through six strategically positioned cones, players had to lay the ball off to a teammate with his back towards goal and finish off the return ball past the goalkeeper. The team with the most goals won the challenge.

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Free-Kick Challenge:

A favourite amongst most players, the Nike Fire & Ice Free-Kick Challenge required players to simply shoot past the goalkeeper from the edge of the box using box skill and power. The team with the most goals won the challenge.

See video below:

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