Mushekwi: They can put pigs in the bus


Nyasha Mushekwi has broken silence after his luxury R1.8-million bus he donated to CAPS United was controversially seen being loaded with several 50kg sacks of maize meal as a delivery vehicle.

The Zimbabwe international donated the team bus to his former club in November last year as a token of appreciation for his successful football career that's taken him to South Africa, Europe and the lucrative riches of Chinese football.

Scroll through the gallery above to see images of Mushekwi's R1.8m luxury bus he donated to CAPS United

After pimping it out in Mzanis, where he plied his trade with Mamelodi Sundowns, the bus was delivered to the Harere-based outfit that's been suffering financially since the loss of NetOne as their primary sponsor.

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But last week, images went viral with club officials bizarrely seen loading several bags of maize meal into the luxury bus which prompted widespread dismay from fans on social media.

According to the Herald, the club explained that the maize and other donations were being delivered to players and staff who've been heavily affected by the national lockdown amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Nyasha responds

Probed for his opinion on the unconventional use of his donation to his boyhood club, the 32-year-old opened up to Yvonne Mangunda on Instagram Live claiming it's not his decision how it's used since handing it over.

"Many people have asked about my thoughts regarding that picture, but I told them it's not my bus. They can use it in whatever they want, even putting pigs underneath," he said.

"It's up to them, not me and at the end of the day they know what’s best for their bus. CAPS United has existed for many years, who am I to tell them how to run something because I donated it.

"I believe if you give something to someone, it’s not your business to monitor how they are using it."

Did you know?

Mushekwi teamed up with Dino Ndlovu at Zhejiang Greentown after earning legendary status with Dalian Yifang.

Your thoughts, please?

Do you think CAPS United disrespected their former player with their latest actions?

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