Mbappe only drives in luxury rides


With Kylian Mbappe’s new contract reportedly making him the world’s highest-paid player in football, we take a look at his multimillion car collection.  

The French forward is reportedly set to earn €4.7 million (R78 million) gross a month, while reportedly also pocketing a signing-on fee in the region of €118 million (R1.9 billion). According to Sky Sports, he is now the biggest earner.  

Scroll through the gallery above to see Mbappe's fleet of rides

Luxury drives

When footballers earn salaries of this magnitude, they can often afford to buy whatever they desire, including items such as luxury brand clothes or a fleet of supercars. The 23-year-old has both but his long list of cars is perhaps one of the best ever owned by a baller.  

One of his prized possessions is Volkswagen Tiguan which can be valued at R963 598. This impressive car comes with a mileage of 16.65 km & the Ground clearance of the Tiguan is 149mm.  

A car he regularly flexes is his Volkswagen Touareg which contains 2 Diesel Engines and 2 Petrol Engines on offer. The Diesel engine is 2967 cc and 4921 cc’s while the Petrol engine is 3598 cc and 4163 ccs, according to The Sport Elite.  

However, Mbappe is not all fun as he also has a Volkswagen Multi Van which is family-friendly but far from cheap as it is valued at R1.3 million.  

Did you know? 

The baller has two Ferrari’s worth over R16 million to complete his garage of spectacular motors. 

Your thoughts, please? 

What do you think of the multimillion collection of rides?