10 most iconic boots of all time

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The very first pair of football boots were used back in 1526 and since then football footwear has advanced to many new levels. Here are the 10 most iconic boots of all time. 

In an ever-growing industry such as fashion in football, the boots you choose to wear have become one of the most important components of the game. 

In the beginning, the footwear was initially just black and white but now comes in many colours and styles.  

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What changed?

The best players in the world often have their initials engraved in their boots or wear limited editions as they try to grow their brand. The modern boots in the last 20 years have advanced with unique lace covers, carbon fibre soles and striking designs that looked as fast as they felt. 

Laser Technology has allowed football shoes to be customized to best fit an individual’s foot. The studs were also updated to more of a blade for better grip on the pitch. This helped prevent various injuries as players stopped slipping uncontrollably on a water-logged pitch.

Players who become synonymous with brands

The F50 vs Mercurial battle in the 2000s was a perfect example of the importance of boots. Lionel Messi was wearing the Adidas F50s and Cristiano Ronaldo wore the Nike Mercurials with both involved in the advertising videos of the two boots. 

Before the era of the two Ballon d’Or winners, Diego Maradona was one of the first players who elevated a boot’s reputation due to his magical performances in the Puma King.

A young Wayne Rooney was selected as the face of Nike's new boot in the early 2000s and even wore the first-ever Nike Total 90, revealing that he helped design iconic Nike pair. This made the shoe a must-have for many young Manchester United and England fans at the time. 

Did you know? 

Before the year 1891, football boots weren’t in use. Instead, the players wore work boots.

Your thoughts, please?

What's your most iconic boot of all time?

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