PUMA launch new ULTRA 1.3 boot

The Locker Room

PUMA has unveiled their new ULTRA 1.3 boots featuring a unisex and a women-specific fit.

The new boot is said to be a gamechanger as it marks a huge leap forward in developing world football through its innovative and much-needed inclusivity approach that offers women footballers a boot that is designed and engineered perfectly for their feet.

Speed and movement are also at the heart of the design as its fresh new lightweight material offers more comfort and agility.

PUMA is known for partnering with some of world football’s best men's and women’s players including Neymar, Antoine Griezmann, Raphael Varane, and Esme Morgan amongst others.

Manchester City Women’s Esme Morgan has found much-needed relief in the new design and she detailed at the launch how this new PUMA Ultra 1.3 women’s fit has afforded her better control and fit after she had issues with the width of some of her boots in the past.

PUMA’s Faster Football is a campaign aimed at not just doing things differently but also embracing change. Their goal is to speed up the game, literally, with innovative products that allow players more conveniences when dawning PUMA products.

New generation - What's new?

"Faster Football is about driving positive change in football, faster. The new ULTRA is a huge leap forward and is filled with an abundance of innovative new technology," said Matthias Bäumer, General Manager BU Teamsport.

"By offering a Unisex and Women-specific fit for the ULTRA, we want to cater to all our athletes."

"We will continue to offer a Women-specific fit, along with our Unisex fit, giving our athletes the tools to perform at their highest level."

“We understand the needs are different when it comes to fit for male and female athletes therefore, we want to take progressive action to satisfy these differences.”

Your thoughts, please?

How excited are you to see some of your favourite stars dawning the ULTRA 1.3 in the upcoming season?

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