Looking at Mntambo's cosmopolitan fashion

Star Style

Since the season concluded, Orlando Pirates star Linda Mntambo has seemingly levelled up when it comes to off-field appearance. Here's a look!

The story

It seems that everything that can be said about the playmaker's fashion has already been said. However, with him continuing to dazzle in the off-season, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that his wardrobe keeps getting better and better.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Linda Mntambo's most stylish looks lately!

Black must be his favourite colour, yes? 

Quite evidently, the colour black is a common theme in the star's fashion. Regardless of his apparent liking for the hue, Mntambo still leads a very colourful life as he generally has this lively look on his face, be it on the pitch or away from it. 

He impressed with his church outfit this past weekend where he wore black pants and a white shirt with suspenders (crossbelts), completing a classic look resembling an attire of a vintage detective.

Prior to that, he and his partner shone in black leather outfits with polo necks, displaying how they got the winter season on lock!

Did you know?

Perhaps disappointingly, the former Jomo Cosmos star made a measly 15 appearances across all competitions in the 2021/22 campaign and registered just three assists in the process.

Your thoughts, please?

Should the 33-year-old be a guaranteed starter at the Buccaneers next season? 

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