Orlando Pirates stars share style advice

Star Style

Orlando Pirates stars Happy Jele, Linda Mntambo, Wayde Jooste, Thabang Monare, Vincent Pule, and Gabadinho Mhango seem to be sharing some fashion tips, and here’s why and how! 

In a team full of stars, it is not abnormal for some of them to share common interests, whether it is footballing interest or simply fashion. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see five Orlando Pirates stars rocking the same local brand 

That seems to be the case between five Buccaneer stars, who appear to have recommended a local apparel brand called Estilo Embraced to each other. 

Club captain Happy Jele seems to be the biggest supporter of the brand, as he has worn a number of different outfits by the designer. 

The merch seems to be ideal for athletes and it incorporates a mix of streetwear and sportswear. Jele recently flexed his newest tracksuit by the brand, which was detailed khaki or beige two-piece, embroidered with buttons from shoulders to ankles, and finished with a point collar. 

Mntambo and Monare have exactly the same outfit, although we cannot tell who copied who but, in the end, it seems reasonable as the two-piece outfit consisting of a shirt and shorts is quite a grab.  

We might also suspect that the owner or designer of the brand is close to at least one of the Pirates stars if not all of the aforementioned ones. 

It is rather commendable that players of such a caliber are also seen wearing locally-produced clothes as much as they typically vie for international high-end brands. 

Your thoughts, please? 

Which of these Pirates stars wore the merch best? 

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