6 meals, 5 naps - Ronaldo's insane lifestyle

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Cristiano Ronaldo is 36-years-old but the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is still in his peak fitness condition due to an intensely disciplined way of living including routines such as taking five naps a day and eating six meals every day. Check it out! 

What happened? 

The Portuguese forward scored a late goal in Juventus’s Serie A opener against Udinese and after celebrating by removing his shirt and flexing his muscles, the referee ruled out his winner after VAR showed that he was offside.  

Social media quickly erupted as people were impressed with the muscles on the former Real Madrid star. The striker has long been a poster boy for good health and made headlines after his water-over-Coca-Cola stunt back in the Euro 2020 competition.

Let's take a look at his unique lifestyle routines that help keep the attacker in the best shape.

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How many naps? 

According to the Daily Mirror, Ronaldo naps five times a day and sleeps early in the evening. The star has spent time with sleep consultants who advise people to sleep early and stay away from electronic devices at night.  


healthline states that cryotherapy is basically a technique where your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes and can be delivered in many ways through ice packs, ice massage, coolant sprays, ice baths.  

Where Ronaldo sets himself apart from the rest is the fact that he has a £50 000 (R1 million) cryotherapy chamber in his apartment. The benefits reportedly include reduced migraine symptoms, numbs nerve irritation, helps with anxiety, and many more.  

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Six meals a day 

While many people eat thrice every day, the Portuguesse international has a high-protein diet. In 2015, he explained his diet in detail at the unveiling of his underwear range saying, "I eat a high protein diet, with lots of wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods.” 

"If you train regularly, it’s important to keep energy levels high to fuel your body for better performance." 

Despite being a very healthy guy, the former Manchester United star has previously admitted to enjoying pizza. 

Personal gym 

Ronaldo has his own personal gym where he engages in activities such as cardio and Pilates. The star also has a swimming pool that he uses to cool himself off after an intense fitness run down.  

Did you know?  

Cristiano Ronaldo has a luxury car collection that is worth an astonishing $24 million (R359 million) according to the Insider.  

Your thoughts, please? 

Could you live a lifestyle like Ronaldo? 

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