Tshabalala starts clothing brand

Star Style

Former Platinum Stars midfielder Tintswalo Tshabalala has started his own clothing brand named Kopido.

The 37-year-old from Soweto says he is currently training on his own as his focus is more on his teething business than on football.

"Ah... football man. It's not to say there are no offers but I'm no longer that serious. Eish, it requires a lot you know, it wants you ready," he tells KickOff.com.

"Business-wise I'm pushing my own brand you see. I started this thing as a joke. We were chilling in the house playing with our phones, taking pictures. I started thinking 'what if I started a brand with my name Kopido?'

"We brought our heads together and found a logo of my head. From there I went to the printers. Since then people started asking 'how can we get your t-shirt?' So that's what gave me the business idea. That time I had only one t-shirt which I was wearing, not knowing people would fall in love with it. From there sporties and hats followed. 

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"Now I have hats, sporties, caps, tops, hoodies you see. I started this thing while still playing for Platinum Stars in 2016. The problem was I couldn't sell stuff while I was still playing you see. But since like I'm no longer full-time in football I'm able to balance things you see. When people want stuff it becomes simple.

"People are buying my stuff but this thing needs time man, and me you find that sometimes I'm not around. Because as a person you can't focus on one thing, you need to hustle in many ways. At the moment I'm still working from home. Hopefully I will have a shop soon.

"You phone me, if you stay far I can post it to you. I have got two kinds of caps, there's one for R150 and one for R200. There's also winter hats.

"The brand's name Kopido is a shortcut for scorpion you see, my real nickname is scorpion. It was given to me by another man from ekasi. You see I'm someone who likes fashion. People are supportive. But at least so far it does put bread on the table."

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Tshabalala says the challenge in the business is there are lot of people who have started their own clothing brands.

"Especially in Soweto we are many. You need to have your own target, so in Soweto once you start something someone else will copy you. I'm in the process of getting my own tracksuits you see, as Tsotso Ngele does. He will introduce me to his people then it will become simple. The challenge is also when you can't find the exact colour the customer wants."

Surprisingly, he says he doesn't see himself being in this business forever.

"[Laughs] No, no, no never! I will drop it. My township Chiawelo is big but too quiet. Football is dead here. My wish is to help these boys you see. It's difficult for these boys to get a trial nowadays. These days it's not easy to get a trial, you must know so-and-so you see."