Inside Messi's R118m Barca mansion

Fame & Fortune

Lionel Messi is constantly in the limelight as a global superstar and one of the greatest footballers of all-time. Taking a peek inside his Barcelona-based mansion, you can see how he's able to escape reality with his family.

At the age of 32, Lionel Messi is already considered one of the greatest athletes in history, with a record-six Ballon d'Or titles, the highest scorer in Argentina and FC Barcelona history, along with a club-record 34 trophies.

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His incredible talent on the pitch has earned him the crown as the highest-paid footballer, based on his salary at Barcelona and with an estimated net worth $400-million, his financial power has allowed for a glamorous lifestyle

But as a humble figure known for being a family man above all else, his home displays the perfect escape within a city where his exploits have created a cult-like following to an extent of worship.

Catalonia - Home away from home

Having lived in Barcelona for most of his life, Messi chose to build a residence there and settle in with his wife Antonella, three kids and two dogs.

Apart from Messi, the coastal town of Castelldefels is also home to some other big names in football like Gerard Pique and Luis Suárez.

Perfection: The environment to thrive

After acquiring the property in 2009 for a reported $2m, the Argentina captain invested heavily to cater for his families comfort and desire in the Bellamar area.

Homes in the specific neighbourhood that overlooks the city centre average at prices of $6m, while his is priced at $7m, as per Architectural Digest.

Situated fewer than 20kms away from the Camp Nou stadium and club training centre Ciutat Esportiva, the trip to and from home fits into his daily routine.