Inside Adebayor's super lavish lifestyle

Fame & Fortune

Some of Africa's most successful stars have earned a fortune plying their trade overseas. While they would not show you their bank receipts, sometimes their lifestyles tell the full story, as such in the case of Togo legend Emmanuel Adebayor!

For top footballers, success on the pitch often translates to riches off the field of play. The more the player performs and reaches certain heights, the money often follows.

Now, for a well-travelled striker like Adebayor, it is easy to see why he has an extensive car collection, as well as other non-road motor vehicles - something that the wealthy often refer to as 'toys.'

Scroll through the gallery above to have a look inside the lavish life of Emmanuel Adebayor

Cars on cars

Property and cars are often the first sign that someone is monied, as the rich tend to buy expensive houses and luxury vehicles to flex their financial might!

It appears that the former Arsenal striker possibly has two Mercedes Maybachs, a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, a Crysler 300, as well as a BMW SUV, among other cars he has flaunted.

His car collection alone is enough for anyone to start counting their blessings, as such assets simply do not just fall from the sky, but they take real hard work and undeniable talent.

Did you know?

Adebayor only retired in 2020, capping off a successful European career where he represented big-name clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and AS Monaco, among others.

Your thoughts, please?

Having scored more than 200 goals in Europe, where would you rank Adebayor amongst Africa's greatest exports?

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