12 legends who started businesses

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From owning shares in the lottery to underwear brands and fish shops - here are 12 football legends who started businesses including Zlatan Ibrahimovic and why he's failed dismally.

Football superstars have developed a reputation of being reckless spenders over their careers with shocking statistics of three of five Premier League players going bankrupt after hanging up their boots.

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However, the modern game has seen players align with world-class financial advisors and take advantage of their global popularity in the age of social media.

As a result, David Beckham, the pioneer and Cristiano Ronaldo are prime examples of becoming marketing geniuses as two of the most recognisable figures on the planet.

Both former Real Madrid superstars have capitalised with various endorsement deals and personalised brandings ranging from alcohol, cologne and underwear - while Beckham is also a club owner with Inter Miami.

The wine route

Two of the greatest playmakers of the modern era Andrea Pirlo and Andres Iniesta who were two of the most composed footballers in the history of the game have both ventured into the wine industry.

Iniesta's former Barcelona and Spain teammate Gerard Pique may not be retiring any time soon but he has also invested heavily into his future when he wasn't winning big with the LaLiga champions, professional poker or marring Shakira...

But on a more serious note, the veteran defender launched Kosmos Global Holding which invests in tennis, media and owns Spanish third-tier side FC Andorra.

2014 FIFA World Cup-winning captain Phillip Lahm retired reasonably early and it's easy to see why at the age of 33 and still in the peak of his career. While he rejected the chance to return to Bayern Munich as the sporting director, Lahm has acquired shares in sports care and hygiene product manufacturer Sixtus and the sports lottery and Germany.

And last but not least we have Ibrahimovic, the Swedish icon who developed a reputation as one of the most - confident or conceited, depending on who you ask - football of all-time.

With a mobile game called Zlatan Legends featuring himself, a biography 'I Am Zlatan', an app called 'Zlatan Unplugged' and a clothing line; A-Z. None of the ventures has been particularly as successful as his career on the field of play.

In 2018 after just two years since his clothing brand was launched the company filed for bankruptcy and was officially liquidated, according to Business Insider.

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