5 things to know about Aubrey Modiba


Here are five things you did not know about Modiba. 

1. I love watching reality shows. I watch Geordie Shore. It’s actually a fun show because they are living the life. They don’t care about what’s going to happen next and they just enjoy life. And that's how it should be sometimes, where you just enjoy life. I also watch WAGS Miami. It’s a fun show. It’s fun to see them [the women] fighting. It’s good to see what happens behind the scenes of the ladies who are or were married to the athletes. It’s interesting to see how they cope. I also watch Take Me Out Mzansi.

2. Growing up I was a Kaizer Chiefs fan. I used to look up to Shabba [Siphiwe Tshabalala]. I was playing as a winger back home and Shabba is a winger. I also liked him because he was never in the papers for the wrong things. Right now when we play I have this attiude that he is doing his job and I am doing my job. [But] After the game I look at pictures where I am marking him and I say “I used to look up to this guy and now I am playing against him".

3. My girlfriend taught me how to cook. I am a much better cook than I was before. I used to attend boarding school, so I think that helped me in terms of cooking. I can cook rice, pap and I can make the best gravy ever. I can work at a restaurant just to make gravy because I can kill it. 

4. I was raised by a single mother, but my grannies have also been there for me. There was no man at home. I was the first man in the house. My father is still alive. I know him and I know where he stays, but he has not been there.

5. I love going to the mall, even when I am broke. I go to the mall just to walk around and to window shop. I love clothes a lot, so I go to shops where they sell clothes. I like sweaters, jeans and long t-shirts.