What inspires Bucs fan 'Mgijimi'

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You may see him every week at the stadium and wonder what he does for a living, but die hard Orlando Pirates fan Mandla ‘Mgijimi’ Sindane is into business with a family member.

The man who is seen wearing with powder on his face and head at Pirates matches owns a décor company with his sister. They decorate at weddings, baby showers and any other events that need décor.

Mgijimi stays in Witbank and always finds a way to make it to the Buccaneers’ matches.

"My sister and I have a decor company. We decorate at the weddings, baby showers...in everything that needs a decor. It's how I make a living, that's my job," Sindane tells KickOff.com.

"Yes I do have a family, I do have kids. I do manage to support my kids with that money that I get there."

Sindane says he relies on hitch-hiking to get to Pirates games.

"Almost in all the games of Orlando Pirates I do hike, and monthly I use R1500 to R2000. But always when I go to the stadium I hike. I don't own a car, I never had a car in my life."

He not only attends matches in Orlando, but all over the country.

"Yes I only support Orlando Pirates Football Club games, PSL games home and away, because you know some supporters they attend each and every game. I want people to see Mgijimi at Pirates games.

Mgijimi always appears on television screens, but says that’s not what it’s about for him.

"I don't agree with that as superfans when we go to stadiums we only go for television, no! Remember we don't go to the cameras but the cameras come to us because they always see us visible at the stadium. Because like me when my team lose or win I'm [always] there to support. Like this season you see how poor we started. SuperSport beat us, every time SuperSport beat us. They beat 6 - 0, now they beat us at Mbombela but I'll be there supporting the next game.”

Mgijimi also explains how the idea of 'Mgijimi' came about.

"Remember when you watch Isibaya [television drama], there's this character of Mpiyakhe when they turned him into umkhovu [a zombie], when they turned him into Mgijimi. I loved that thing, remember Orlando Pirates Football Club is all about the ghost. I thought what if I took that character to the stadiums so that people can see that we are the ghosts.

“The first time I went to the stadium it was very tough, everyone wanted to take a picture with me. When I'm on my way to the stadium people stop me now and then asking for pictures. Now I only paint myself when I arrive at the stadium."