Five things to know about Mntambo

Entertainment caught up with Linda Mntambo, the Orlando Pirates midfielder who shares the five things we do not know about him.

1. My favourite movie is Made in Manhatten by Jennifer Lopez. I'm a fan of true, genuine love. So seeing a maid falling in love and getting married to a rich guy. It's my all time favourite movie.

2. My highest qualification is Grade 12. At school I enjoyed working with numbers so maths and accounting were my favourite subjects and I really excelled at them.

3. My favourite car is Mini Cooper S, the first model. It’s the one used in the movie The Italian Job. I would love to own one. I fell in love with that car from watching that movie. I currently drive a Polo.

4. My favourite referee has to be Victor Gomes. He is never afraid to make a decision in a game. When he's in charge of a game you never see rough tackles and misconduct from players.

5. Saving [money] is important to me. It's always wise to save and invest money especially now that I have kids, so that I can be able to pay for their education and give them a better life.