Five things to know about Keet

Fame & Fortune caught up with Darren Keet, the Bafana Bafana and Bidvest Wits goalkeeper, who shares the five things we do not know about him.

1. My favourite movie is Major League. I really enjoy baseball, and this is a baseball comedy which stars Charlie Sheen.

2. I don't know who gave my nickname [Popeye] to me, but I was told that when I was 2 years old, my brother had a 'blue eye', and they called him Popeye, and I heard it and I couldn't stop saying the word Popeye, so they decided to call me Popeye.

3. I actually really like all cars. But I would love to get myself a Dodge Charger. Unfortunately they don't sell those in South Africa, so I will need to move to the US to get one.

4. My wife and I do own a business, but we will be closing that down as we are looking at moving back overseas. We were selling high end baby clothes from Europe. It's very important [to save]. It's always important to actually to invest rather than just save. It's a short career. So we need to prepare ourselves for after football.

5. My best friend in football lives in Holland. We played together in Belgium. His name is Robert Klaasen and currently plays for De Graafschap in the Eeredivisie.