Five things to know about Rodgers

Entertainment caught up with Eleazar Rodgers, the Free State Stars striker who shares the five things we do not know about him.

1. My favourite movie has to be The Shack, because it opens up deep emotions for those of us who experienced a massive loss. It sort of shows how God works and we should get to a point of healing in our hearts. It can only be done once we understand how God works.

2. My favourite car is Lamborghini and, no, I have not yet had one. I drive a Polo Comfortline DSG, silver.

3. I only have a Retirement Annuity and I also save my own money [for retirement]. I have also put some money away.

4. I don't have a tattoo. I don't feel there's any good reason to have one apart from self satisfaction or to show whatever wants to be shown for personal use. I am not against it, though.

5. I own a dog Kacey, aged five. It took my girlfriend the whole month to name her. The name Kacey was inspired by the Kaizer Chiefs website KC. My girlfriend works in football and was doing research and the K & Chiefs stood out and from there she got to KC. So the name was not chosen for meaning, so rather as a derivative of the letters. We got her from a great organisation called Dogtown. I spend about R600 average per month. This includes MediPet, pet insurance or "Medical Aid", food, treats and doggy wash.