Mabokgwane embarks on charity drive


With the domestic club football calendar currently in recess, Mabokgwane has taken some time to return home for a good cause, giving out school shoes to those in need.

The 30-year-old goalminder collected dozens of pairs of junior school shoes and visited three primary schools in the region, donating it to those in need.

“We had a charity day on Thursday, we went to three schools in Moletji, which is where I’m from – just outside Polokwane, through my foundation,” Mabokgwane tells

“We just started the initiative now but we’re planning on making it an annual thing at the start of Winter. 

“We also went to an orphanage home and, through the contribution of some friends and family, we bought some blankets and food parcels to give to them.

“What a long but wonderful day it was. We had the Chief – you know, you get the royal families from our rural areas, so we had support from them and we were there the whole day.”

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