Lebese couple's wildlife-filled yard


Free-agent George Lebese and his partner recently came up-close and personal with some unpredictable wildlife. Check it out!  

One important part of life is making memories with the people that matter the most to you. The Lebese loving couple is definitely aware of this concept as they often are spending time together and going out to different places. Whether it is the beach, the prestige nightclub Melba owns or the shopping malls.  

Brave experience

This time the stylish duo decided to get very close to some of the most beautiful wildlife that the world has to offer. It remains unknown if the pair own the animals but the house they currently live in has multiple wildebeest, giraffes and zebras.  

The zebras and wildebeest are known to be quite tame animals but some people are cautious about domesticating them due to them still being predominantly wild. However, giraffes are quite docile, relaxed and easy to domesticate, according to sciencealert 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the Lebese's wildlife experience

Both George and Melba have hinted on their social media accounts that these animals may belong to them with the footballer admitting that the Giraffe are bullies while Melba said that “the family continues” when referring to them.  

Whether they belong to them or not, the bravery to reside alongside these animals is an impressive feat as most would not want to be near them.  

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Did you know? 

George Lebese has announced that his asset clothing brand will launch in February 2022.   

Your thoughts, please? 

What do you think of the stylish duo’s bravery? 

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