Is this the biggest trophy ever?


Meet the giant Ramon de Carranza trophy, probably one of the biggest trophies you will ever see!

Ramon de Carranza is a special pre-season tournament established in the small city of Cadiz in Spain. It recently came to most people’s attention recently when Atletico Madrid lost to Cadiz, as they were crowned champions of this pre-season tournament a few days ago.

Scroll through the gallery above to see images of the Ramon de Carranza trophy

For those who had known nothing about it, it was quite a surprise, because the trophy is in fact so big, that it takes two players to hold it up, and it may be so large that finding cabinet space to store it could be a difficult task.

The trophy was unsurprisingly met with amusing comments on Instagram after @433 posted an image of it, with one of the users commenting: “incoming [Tottenham] Spurs jokes”, and a flurry of Spurs remarks flood the section.

“Spurs has plenty of room for this”, one user said, while others came with a slew of banter-filled comments.

“Bigger than Spurs trophy cabinet”

“Tottenham could take it”

“The trophy is taller than [Lorenzo] Insigne”

“This is not a trophy, it’s a statue”

One user even speculated that the giant accolade could weigh up to 100kg, and unfortunately, the details about the making of the trophy are not easily available.

Did you know?

The Ramon de Carranza was established in 1955 by the Cadiz city council to commemorate former mayor Ramon de Carranza. Cadiz's stadium is also named after the same man.

In its 66 years, clubs including AC Milan, Barcelona, River Plate, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid have competed in the competition, although Atletico Madrid has been the most successful participants.

Your thoughts, please?

Have you ever seen a bigger trophy?

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