Khuzwayo: I can be next Khoza, Motaung


Brilliant Khuzwayo has outlined his ambitious vision to become the next Kaizer Motaung or Irvin Khoza of South African football.

Khuzwayo is firmly on the path of rising up again from the adversity of his promising career, which was derailed by injury problems before he was forced to retire at the age of 29.

Having been on the books of both Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, he has taken insight and inspiration from both legendary leaders of the respective clubs.

Seemingly reborn with a new purpose after professional football, Khuzwayo's burning desire for success has not diminished one bit as he channels his motivation towards a new long-term vision.

Speaking to, the former goalkeeper opened up on his next journey beyond the field of play while explaining where the ideas were sparked.

"It's not the early retirement [that made me want to remain in football], back in 2013 I remember speaking to my brother about the ideas I wish to implement during my career, which is when I created the company called Brilliant Concepts," he explained. "The desire to mix business and sports has always been there for me."

The 30-year-old admits that some deep introspection took place after he realised he would no longer acquire income from the game but is not ready to follow the conventional paths from which former footballers have struggled to create success.

"I think most footballers open up businesses but they are not really that dedicated to them. But for me, it's more of everyone is going into coaching and doing the same things," Khuzwayo said.

"When you think about South African footballers, an investment company can approach you and all these people who are financial investors tell you what is the best way to use your money to not be broke after football, which is to buy properties and invest in certain portfolios.

"There's nothing wrong with that, to be honest. But at the age of 35, there is no retirement investment fund that is going to pay out, these funds only come at 65.

"There's that gap between football retirement and normal retirement and it's about what you do in the [30-year] gap. Then there are others that advise you to go study and they are also 100 percent right but everyone is almost doing the same thing.

"Who is saying to the five to 10 years I want to see myself owning a football team just like Jomo Sono, like Dr Irvin Khoza, like Kaizer Motaung in the PSL?

"At this moment in time, I'm actually building something towards that goal. No soccer player is actually saying the same thing. We are all going in the same direction. So why not shift [the mindset] and chase different goals."

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While his vision has become clearer during the global pandemic, Khuzwayo has also developed a philosophical approach to what he now considers his calling, like a youth product working towards a professional breakthrough – he now sees himself as a dreamer aiming to reach the pinnacle of success on the same pedestal as Khoza and Motaung.

"I made it clear to Dr Irvin Khoza that one day I wish to own my own club that would be a successful one, but we don't just start with success, you start from the ground and build from there.

"You start being an analyst, watch more football, study success stories. You discuss with coaches about football, different players about football then you learn more about what you need to achieve your view of success.

"It's important to learn from businesses owners, club owners too – share ideas with them. And if your ideas are liked you will eventually attract investment into your vision. As long as it's clear. Without a vision, it's just a dream."

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