A look inside Havertz's wholesome life


Chelsea star Kai Havertz lives a wholesome life off the pitch, and he surrounds himself with his fluffy Golden Retriever, and surprisingly he also has a donkey!

It is quite evident that Havertz is an admirer of pets and nature itself. While it may surprise many that he owns a donkey, the German star spends a lot of his free time cuddling up to his pets.  

Scroll through the gallery to see Kai Havertz’s pets, including his donkey 

His dog's name is Baloo, and it seems like it is all Havertz ever posts about. The animal-loving star said that he adopted the dog upon his arrival in England. 

"We decided when we came here we need a garden and we need a dog," Havertz told ChelseaTV’s Extra Time.  

"It was clear for a while but I used to live in a flat in Germany with no garden and we didn’t have enough space for a dog. 

"After one or two months here, we searched for the right one. We visited some. We didn’t like the breeders who only want to make money off the dog. We found the right person, and now we have had him for six or seven months. His name is Baloo. We are very happy with him."

Unlike other players who show a more extravagant lifestyle on social media, the 22-year-old German seems to be very humble, as he appreciates the more natural things in life. 

Due to heavy floods that occurred in some parts of Germany and Belgium recently, which also impacted his hometown Aachen, Havertz has joined the initiative to donate funds to provide some relief to members of his village who were affected by the floods. 

The remarkable youngster seems to have maturity well beyond his years, as he has donated his custom boots and 200 000 towards Red Cross Germany, which will aid in repairing the damage for many families and their homes in his hometown. 

Did you know? 

Havertz is Chelsea’s second-most expensive signing in history, and only new arrival Romelu Lukaku was brought in for a fee greater than the German.  He is also believed to be among the club’s highest earners with a reported salary of £310,000 per week (R6.4 million), according to Marca. 

Your thoughts, please? 

How surprised were you by Havertz's relatively quiet and humble lifestyle? 



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