Papic defiant over contractual claims

Posted: 17 February 2018 Time: 08:00

Former Royal Eagles coach Kosta Papic insists he does not owe money to Bunna nor is he still contracted to the Ethiopian club.

According to media reports, the Serbian has been accused of absconding from duty before returning to Eagles in December last year.

He was only unveiled a month earlier at the Ethiopian giants, having penned a two-year deal with the side after replacing his ill compatriot Dragan Popadich.

Bunna are reportedly seeking financial compensation and are believed to have notified FIFA.


Papic, however, says he tendered his resignation due to family issues and unpaid salaries.

“I resigned from that club on the 24th of November, sent the letter to them, did everything. The thing is I have family issues and my father is sick,” Papic tells

“I gave them the letter, I gave them everything. They didn’t respond to me through the phone, they didn’t respond to any kind of letter. They were not paying me the salary and I just decided to leave the club.

“I wasn’t paid for three months and what can I do? Everybody is working to earn a salary. If I’m working and you not paying me I’m going to find something at a better place, isn’t it?

“If they go to FIFA and I receive the letter from FIFA, in that case there’ll be more trouble for that club.

“The most important thing is I gave them the resignation letter and I explained to them in the resignation letter that I’m going to leave the club.

“If they’re claiming any kind of money that I’m owing R3-million, I’ll be making a triple of that from them and in dollars. In that case we’ll see who is going to win.”

Meanwhile, SAFA spokesman Dominic Chimhavi says neither FIFA nor Bunna had contacted them over the matter, therefore they will not intervene at this stage.

"We also got it through the media that he's still contracted to the club in Ethiopia and that he left that club while he was still under contract, but we haven't been furnished with all the information," Chimhavi says.

"But once we have been furnished with the information we can be in a position to comment with an informed decision. At the moment the information we have is through the media that he was contracted with an Ethiopian club and he left that Ethiopian club while he was under contract.

"But we can't comment authoritatively because nothing has been forwarded to us. The initial point from the Ethiopian club is that they go to FIFA straight away for this issue to be resolved.

"As SAFA, we'll only react when FIFA wants our intervention, in case they do forward some correspondence. But so far we haven't received anything from either FIFA or from the Ethiopian club."

Papic was replaced by Roger Sikhakhane at Eagles last week. He initially left the struggling NFD outfit midway through last season citing poor health.

Article by: Robin-Duke Madlala

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