Lewandowski: Players are ageing

Posted: 8 November 2017 Time: 19:00

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has admitted that their squad is getting older, and claims every club needs to bring in 'new blood'.

The Bavarians have dominated the Bundesliga in years gone by, having won the league title in the last five seasons.

However, six of the club's first team players are over 30 and the Polish striker admits they need new players to freshen up the squad.

"We shouldn't delude ourselves," Lewandowski was quoted as saying by FourFourTwo.


"Each club needs to get a top player every two or three years to refresh the team, to bring some new blood, new quality.

"At this point we really have a good team, but it is known that players are getting older.

"We are succeeding [at replacing older players] at the moment, because we have a young Joshua Kimmich, who is really good at his new position and shows that a young player can be a replacement for such an experienced and wonderful one as Philipp Lahm."

Article by: Staff Reporter

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