Menzo demands more from wingers

Posted: 5 October 2017 Time: 12:15

Ajax Cape Town coach Stanley Menzo had some harsh words to say about the underperforming wingers in his squad, and hopes to see vast improvement following the FIFA international break.

In their 2-0 derby loss to Cape Town City, Menzo admitted he did not start with a recognised left-winger in attack, as none of his players in that position had impressed him enough in the build up to last weekend’s game.

“We left our left side a bit open, as I was not really satisfied with our left-wingers, so I had to put Rodrick [Kabwe] there as a false number 11,” Menzo reveals.

“I have to be honest with my players. If I look at my left wingers: Neo [Makua], the last two weeks, hasn’t delivered. Look, everyone can have a bad game and not make the right decisions, but you can work hard for the team, show effort, run back to help in defence … that part you have to give. But when that also falls away, that is not good enough for me.


“Chris [Ejike Uzoenyi] still has some physical problems, Grant [Margeman] is not a player that has to run behind a wing-back, Innocent [Nemukondeni] wasn’t training for a week-and-a-half, so we didn’t have a left winger and so tried to find other solutions, but what I tried in the derby didn’t work well.”

Menzo insists he wants to see more from all his wide players, who he has not been impressed with of late.

“With Chris we brought in a winger,” he started. “Innocent is a winger. Thabo is a winger. But have we seen Thabo in the last five games? No, it’s not the Thabo that we know. There are times when players are not in form, and then you have to swap a bit and for one or two weeks, play in another formation. It’s not good as we are used to playing with wingers, but if my wingers are not good enough, then I have to find another solution.

“I tried in the derby, but it didn’t work out offensively. Upfront is where you are going to score goals, so you need players who are in form, who are confident and take on their man – I didn’t see Thabo take on a man in the derby, because he’s not in form, and that’s a pity.

“So with Thabo, Innocent, Chris or Neo in form, they will create chances and create goals for us – and that’s not the situation in this moment.”

Article by: Fabio De Dominicis

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