Jordaan open to using VARs

Posted: 4 October 2017 Time: 15:15

SAFA president Danny Jordaan says they would consider having television referees to improve the standard of officiating on the continent and in the PSL.

This, Jordaan believes, would eradicate dubious refereeing decisions, such as the one Bafana Bafana benefited from in a 2-1 victory over Senegal in a 2018 World Cup qualifier last year, when the hosts were awarded a penalty.

There have also been some horrible decisions by PSL referees this season and there’s been calls for some of the officials to be punished.

Video assistant referees (VARs) were used during the FIFA Confederations Cup in June, but many of the footballing loving supporters were not quite used to having a decision being overturned by someone sitting in front of a television screen.


“For the referees' performance, perhaps we must use technology, like in our country with rugby and cricket. There is a guy who sits in front of a computer, the television referee. If a referee gives a penalty that is dubious and the television referee says ‘I have reviewed this and it’s not a penalty’, then we won’t have this problem,” Jordaan says.

“But FIFA for a long time have resisted to have any use of technology to determine a referee’s decision. But for me that’s the solution. If the television referee had seen that it’s a penalty or not a penalty [in the match between Bafana and Senegal] and told the referee on the day, then that would have been the end of the story.”

He continues: "Even now with the decisions in the PSL, if we had a television referee who says ‘no, it’s not a penalty’, then there would be no problem. And we do have all the technology to resolve those problems. I think it’s time that we have these matters dealt with swiftly, within 10 seconds. In our case, it took 10 months for FIFA to come tell us that there was a problem in that match.”

Jordaan says they will consider writing to FIFA to see if they can look at having VARs.

“We have had many incidents [in the PSL] and all of them could be eliminated only if we had television referees. We will have to think about writing to FIFA to investigate [the possibility of having VARs].”

Article by: Tshepang Mailwane

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